Tuesday, 15 March 2011

At last. Recognition from Dom Blond

Regular readers will know that Bogg Society was my idea, nicked by Dom Blond. I have challenged Dom on this before, especially on his keenness to attribute any positive happening as a victory for his (mine) brainwave.

But only now has Dom Blond had the good grace to recognise that I am a driving force behind this rhetorical, hard-to-explain, Emperor's new spats nonsense.

On Twitter earlier I suggested to Dom that the Olympic countdown clock breaking down is a victory for Bogg Society as we'll now all have to count the days ourselves without official help.

Dom, using his Twitter handle Phillip Blond replied thus

So it is official - I am a victory for Bogg Society. And of course I "get it", Dom. In so much as there is nothing to get.

Dom has since admitted to teasing me about this (always nice to be teased by a blond) but the fact he has shown the willingness to engage is truly a victory for etc etc

And while we're on the subject of the Olympic clock, it was always going to go wrong after a misheard instruction led to a great big cock being installed to countdown the days until the opening ceremony by mistake.

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