Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Budget response

Just arrived back from Oz in time to react to the Budget. While standing at the luggage carousel at Heathrow with 14 bags of wine stained pants I get a text from Dr Hector Rule saying that we have blagged some cash out of the government for something or other. Although we had to pretend to work more closely with Sir Hubert's mob at NCVO to get it.

Much is made of our supposed rivalry but we love each other really. Honest. Just because we disagree on a number of key things and have slagged each other off in the past and have refused to collaborate for the good of the sector a number of times does not mean we disagree on a number of key things or dislike each other or can't work together.

And I am sure Sir Hubert would say exactly the same thing if he could bring himself to admit that I am always right.

And just because we are competitive in how we respond to things does not mean we are competitive in responding to things.

Right, glad we've cleared that up - let's concentrate on seeing who can bash out a budget response quickest this year.

Ours is nearly ready to go. Just pondering how much credit I should try and take personally for the changes on brolly gift aid and umbrella legacies announced by Osborne. Or should I just have a whinge that it doesn't go far enough? As usual? After all, the gift aid changes will largely benefit smaller umbrellas, not the GREAT BIG ONES I love to champion.

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