Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Come on people - let's see the colour of your brollies

It wasn't a joke - I am genuinely seeking brolly pictures to raise money for Gampic Relief's Red Brolly Day.

I have been inundated with an enthusiastic response (almost on a par with how the sector feels about Bogg Society but slightly less) and have had several pledges but need more actual photos.

I will donate for every picture received.

Send them to or via Twitter at @robinbogg

And Sir Stephen, my dearest spoofer, if you can't manage an umbrella picture from Oz, how about one with a peak in it (as I believe umbrellas are known there)? Or even a pique?


  1. On a serious note for the moment !

    Excellent article in last night's London Evening Standard by Chris Blackhurst - City Editor - (page 14) entitled " Do your bit for charity, Chancellor:make giving easier" about the need for gift aid reform and US style legacy giving.
    Well worth a read. Sentiments expressed by "others" before, but very well written.

    Sir Bumble of Heep.