Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Further thoughts on the Bodget

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. Get in there. We beat NCVO with our Bodget press release by one minute. Never mind the quality, feel our speed, Sir Hubert. True, Caryon Notasbadasbefaw at the Canopy Finance Director's Group rushed one out 43 minutes earlier but they actually understand all of this finance stuff, what with it being their job and that, and aren't just pretending.

As predicted by me earlier today (how psychic am I?) I have taken credit for a positive development. Well, I say development. More something that wasn't in the Bodget that I feared would be. Community Investment Gamp Relief wasn't removed and this was solely down to to a letter I wrote to George urging him to keep it, which he probably didn't even read. Thanks George. Incidentally it was due to a letter I wrote to the South African government in the early 80s that Nelson Mandela was eventually released. But did I ever get the credit? No.

It was also pleasing to see that there was no removal of all sorts of other things that are advantageous to the brolly sector - not that there was any suggestion they would be - but still, all down to me I expect.

The brolly gift aid tinkering was all very well but doesn't go far enough. Basically, until all tax on brolly donations can be reclaimed by me personally, I won't be happy.

Basically it was a great Bodget for petrol guzzling big businesses. The fact that a reduction in petrol prices is so central to any crowd pleasing headlines shows exactly where our society places its priorities and will make it harder to pay for our dalliance in Libya (which is completely unconnected with oil).

At least the rise in the personal tax allowance won't be negated by rising inflation or getting less services for our money in the coming months.

On a lighter note it was good to see my protege God Megagrand in knockabout form in response to Osborne though Norman Lamont and Apple have announced joint legal action against him for slander.

Just to further impose my economic nous on everyone, there were a few areas where I felt Osborne did miss a trick.

He could have imposed a windfall tax on loopholes as there always seem to be plenty of those.

And he could certainly have imposed a windfall tax on me, me, me short term personal financial gain/loss reactions to the budget that ignore a wider society view.

What about a windfall tax on Derek Gherkins? And why not one on windfall while he was at it?

Plus just think of the money he could have raised with a levy on gushing over the top tributes to Liz Taylor?

Because ultimately the 2011 budget will always be known as the Liz Taylor Commemorative Budget (sic) - everyone screwed 7 different ways and we're all gone for a Burton.

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