Monday, 14 March 2011

Fundraising for Gampic Relief's Red Brolly Day

Despite my selfish, self-serving exterior I do have a heart. And I have hit upon a way of raising money for Gampic Relief's Red Brolly Day this Friday (I suggested they called it brown nose day in my honour but they refused). Gampic Relief do great work providing shelter for the dampest members of society both in Africa and the UK

For each photograph I receive of a named person holding an umbrella (ideally red but can be any colour as long as there is something red elsewhere in the photo), preferably doing something silly or promoting their charity/cause/organisation (and it has to be the person who it claims to be, not just a random photograph off the interweb - and I will know because who do you think puts all the random gamp pictures on the interweb in the first place eh?) I will donate money to Gampic Relief.

I haven't decided how much yet because if I say 50p per picture and 6 people respond I will be in trouble. But let's just say 50p for argument's sake and I can always lie about how many photos I get and destroy the evidence later if necessary.

If I get any particularly famous brolly sector people responding I may even up my pledge to levels around the 65p mark.

Alternatively you could choose to donate a sum to Gampic Relief yourself (through its spoof Comic Relief organisation) in return for me using the photograph in a self-congratulatory blog post later this week.

Send photographs to or via Twitter to @robinbogg

Not only could we raise literally pence for a good cause, I will have some top quality umbrella porn to keep me company.

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