Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Postcard from Mansfield

Every good Bogg deserves favour (even well travelled and holidayed knighted brolly sector CEOs!). And so I have a day off and my sister and I are in Mansfield to see that fabulous Boggcini opera Tosser at the community centre. I bloody love opera me. Don't understand a word of it but it makes one appear sophisticated.

It's about love, power and betrayal in the brolly sector! I can identify with the characters. Some may think I am like Cavaraboggi, the idealistic and politically aware artist, with Sir Hubert cast as the evil Baron Stuartia. But I prefer to see myself as the tragic heroine, in the title role, who stabs the Baron to death with a brolly, Markov styleeeee. People have often compared me to her and shouted Tosser as I walk down the street.

As I finish of this post a glass of Lambrini has arrived. It's time to relax. Enjoy my day off! Arrivederchi (good to see my spell check works just as well when I am tying to be cultured and speak in Italian as it does when I mangle English (Bogglish)).

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