Thursday, 31 March 2011

You make you're own luck...but when will I get the breaks?

As reported the other day, for some reason best known to itself, my blog has stopped recognising line and paragraph breaks. I have had my best people working on this, as well as Hector Rule, Geof Sachell and Fab Jobsworth. The combined BUBB staff have 1,400 Oxford, naturally, degrees in total but none of them can solve this conundrum. I am pressing the RETURN key now. And again. And again. I am going to destroy my keyboard at this rate. But is it showing up in the published text? No, all you see is one block of text. Not easy to read is it? RETURN RETURN RETURN. Oh, what's the use? I suspect a plot. They cannot stop me blogging but the can reduce the effectiveness and power and clarity of my words by making it harder to peruse them. I bet Sir Hubert has got one of his tech monkeys to infiltrate my machine. Or Dylan Twirley at NAVCA or, well it could be anyone really. Probably one of those numpties attacking big brollies, Hang on, I bet it's the government. T'Hurd and my Great Aunt Maude see me as a real threat to them. Or perhaps austerity measures have resulted in a cut in blog space on the interweb. Whoever it is, please make it better. GIVE ME SOME BREAKS! What will be next? Will they start reducing the font size to make it even more difficult to read? Or change the font to webdings to really flummozx people? All I say is do your best - whatever you try and tamper with, I will still have my say. Louder than ever before. [Seriously, if someone can help with this infernal curse upon my words then please do so. In the interests of Bogg Society. Otherwise I will have to ask Dom Blond and Lord Gnat Pee round to do it for me.]

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