Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Competition time - I need a motto

Now I am Knighted I am sorting out my coat of arms (see here).

I need a motto to go with it, preferably something in Latin.

I reckon something based on a phrase that my spoofer Sir Stephen Bubb has used 9 times in his blog since August would be appropriate.

So I might go for

"Narro bollox ut vox, sententia bollox ut verum"

Which as I am sure you good people with a clear grasp of Latin like what I have (being as I am educated in dead languages at Oxonia, rectus), know means:

"Saying bollocks to truth, speaking bollocks to power"

But if anyone wants to suggest a different one there may be a prize in it.


  1. How about "Non semper dignitas exeunt" -I rarely make a dignified exit

  2. Pick anyone of the following !

    "Brevis esse latoro obscurus fio"
    (When I try to be brief I speak gobbledegook)

    "Hune tu carte"
    (Beware of this man !)

    "Bene cum latine nescias, nolo, manus meas in te maculre"
    (Well if you don't understand plain latin I am not going to dirty my hands on you.)

    "Canis timidis vehementis talrat quam mordet"
    (A timid dog barks more violently than it bites)

    Sir Bumble of Heep.

  3. Carpe partem diei postmeridianam :: Seize the afternoon

  4. Caput supra murum (or something like that) - head above the parapet

  5. "cave ne eas" is good, because it warns people about the dangers of leaving the house without an umbrella -- and it also sounds like "cauneas", whose leaves are necessary during times of savage cuts.