Sunday, 13 March 2011

Map of Tas

It's raining. Not an entry of interest in a blog in the UK obviously, or so people like Sir Stephen Bubb my spoofer would have you believe (rain? not interesting? what is he on?), but it's not so common here.

Having said that I have been very impressed with Australian public services. I was without a brolly and getting seriously wet but was able to walk into an umbrella centre and secure an appointment to be assessed for a gamp straight away. You wouldn't get that in England.

I am en route to Tasmania and as I will be exploring the island taking blurry photos to stick at the end of blog posts (I have never been one to subscribe to the old adage that there is nothing more boring than other people's holiday snaps) I will need a good map. But whenever I ask people where I can get hold of a cheap but serviceable map of Tas, they keep laughing at me. One said "don't you mean a mapatasi, mate" and literally pissed himself. I have no idea why this request should be so funny so if someone could shed some light on this I would be grateful.

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