Saturday, 12 February 2011

A Blond moment

Regular readers of this car crash, sorry blog will know that even though Bogg Society was originally my idea of a joke, the very clever Dom Blond from Republica (he's drop dead gorgeous and ready to go) has appropriated it as his own and made it a central plank (dead wood) of the government's policy.

As well as spending lots of time not explaining what it is properly (we'll empower citizens to volunteer to explain it for themselves and misinterpret what it is so the State doesn't have to) Blond (is he a natural blond or is it bleached? I often struggle to find any highlights) has now taken to bizarre justifications of Bogg Society in action.

On Twitter, using his spoof name @phillip_blond, Blond's reaction to the government's u-turn on selling off the forests (which lest we forget was lauded as a bogg society opportunity for people to club together and run some woodland or something - I wasn't really concentrating) was:

"Superb news on forests - great the govt is listening - big society winning the debate "

Presumably he is suggesting that the u-turn was as a result of people taking responsibility and kicking up a fuss.

If the government keeps u-turning on every unpopular decision it makes, though, where will people's sense of moral outrage and need to protest come from? Did no one think of the poor "save our forests" campaigners? What will they do now? Flatten the forests, flog the trees I say - save the save our forests campaign.

But I digress.

Taking Blond's logic we might as well claim that Bogg Society is responsible for everything that happens.

Presumably the High Court judgment on BFS is also great news that shows Bogg Society is winning the debate.

Muboggarak standing down in Egypt? It was Bogg Society what won it.

Hodgson going to West Brom is also a feather in the cap of Bogg Society. Or Boing Boing Society.

I just had a lovely home made lunch (spicy couscous salad) - much kudos to Bogg Society.

I have sent my thoughts to Blond and suggested that if he replied to any of them it would be an example of Bogg Society winning the debate. He hasn't.

Ultimately, it would be good if the government could also u-turn on Bogg Society - after all, as Blond might say, it would show it is listening and that Bogg Society was winning the debate.

PS I wasn't going to blog about this but @pennyhomer demanded a blogpost. "It'd be a victory for Bogg Society" she claimed. "I want a blogpost from anyone, and I'm too lazy to do it myself. If it doesn't happen, the Bogg Society will have lost."

So I have been empowered to do it myself. How very Bogg Society.

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