Saturday, 12 February 2011

Those bloody Lords

It is no great secret that I am desperate to get my arse into the House of Lords and cause some real havoc. And I think it is this burning ambition that leads me to confront those undeserving idiots that have already inexplicably made it.

Not content with bugging Lord Gnat Pee, I now turn my attention to computer wide boy and unfathomable BBC TV star Lord Shhhhhhhh.

While most people yesterday were rejoicing in the fall of President Muboggarak in Egypt (though Cameron couldn't have sounded less like he gave a shit - probably puts it down to another failure of multiculturalism) and rushing to deliver the most over the top statement they could alluding to "history in the making etc" (everyone is suddenly an expert on Egypt though I didn't hear any of them mentioning the plight of the Egyptian people for the last 30 years) Lord Shhhhhhhh was on Twitter under his assumed name @lord_sugar with this quite unbelievable comment (via @richpayne88).

I mean, quite right your Lordship - how dare people get upset with undemocratic, unelected government. Like the House of Lords for example.

Lord Shhhhhhhh quickly deleted his crass comment, and that's his major mistake if you ask me. If you publish something in a social media setting that is clearly ill-judged knee-jerk reaction that upsets people NEVER retract it. It shows weakness and draws attention to it. Much better to plough on, thick skinned, and try and bluff your way through the embarrassment. It's an approach that I have persisted with for years in my blog after all.


  1. I'm more concerned that he thinks Egypt is a 'county'.

  2. County? That's what I think he is as well. Something like that anyway.