Sunday, 13 February 2011

Health and the PM! Yes, The PM!

Well that was spooky! Walking along Whitehall with health secretary Nothingfunny Abouthisname's special adviser in a headlock when I bump into...Nothingfunny Abouthisname. Well it would be spooky if I wasn't stalking the bastard. I want to make sure that he doesn't make the same mistakes as Sandy Burnham-Drownham with his preferred provider guff about suppliers of brollies to the NHS. Any willing provider is a much better idea and we are willing to provide Abouthisname his opinion about this until he accepts. Or he'll need the NHS himself.

I'm speaking to the MPs tomorrow morning, then on to speak at two conferences. Is a good job that having been around for yonks I don't need to spend too long preparing a speech. I just spout the same old bollocks I always have which I know by heart.

Last week I was blogging from HM Treasury where the Prime Minister had been announcing stuff. He must have mentioned brollies some 10 times in his speech and even referred to me directly. "Will you put that bloody Blackberry down while I am talking you ignorant tosser." Then shook my hand on the way out and said don't come back.

Been trying to have a relaxing weekend though I am on Sky News this morning arguing the toss with Dom Blond. You can't move in the media these days without me popping up like a one man quote machine. Or even a one quote man machine. And you can quote me on that.

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