Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Sir Robin Bogg Memorial Public Toilet

The news yesterday on the Bogg Society Bank is good. Readers of the blog will know I have been banging on about this for flipping ages - the need for an adequate loan fund. I said 60 million umbrellas is not enough. So I will take some, no most of the credit after getting a call from Rick T'Hurd MP telling me they have pledged an extra 200 million gamps on top of the dormant ones left lying around in banks, unclaimed by anyone. This is a serious start.

So I tell Rick we are pleased. He should be congratulated for his dedication in putting up with my constant whinging and ending up doing what I was calling for even though it must have gone against every instinct in his political body. It sets a dangerous precedent for ministers if they are seen to be allying with my pronouncements on things. Could be career suicide.

I was also delighted that the original brolly minister supreme, the man who is what James Purnell could have been, God Megagrand MP raised the closure of libraries in his constituency at PM Questions last week. It is a disgrace that the County Council plan to close my own beloved Blacbury Library. I never use it - it's just full of old books - but there is a pubic toilet outside that will also be closed, which is where I do my bogging (meeting strangers to exchange brollies) at the weekend, so it's practically a national treasure. Save Bogg's bog David!

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