Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bogg Society ambassador attacks brollies

What a great start to the morning. I nearly choked on my bacon croissant after reading the Times. Apparently we are to have some Bogg Society Ambassadors. Presumably part of their role is to explain what the concept is (if that is possible) not undermine it by attacking those at the core of its delivery.

Let me tell you what the new ambassador Shamed Brolley thinks about "big umbrellas", as reported in The Times. Talking about big brollies who have been protesting about cuts he says it's just about "a few people with their vested interests who thought they were going to make a lot of money".

This is a disgusting slur on the work of some of our countries most loved and most effective umbrellas, sheltering the dampest members of society. Though he is right about one thing - I haven't made nearly the amount of cash I hoped to.

Some ambassador. I hope he chokes on his ferrero rocher.

Brolley had better not show his face round here. He's now on the "Markov" list with Dylan Twirley and Lotte Shight. Watch your step Brolley or one of those big umbrellas you lambast may just swipe you across one of your two faces.

And I won't mention that Umbrella Commission inquiry into those missing 16,000 gamps either OK?

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