Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lost in a moral maze (full length version)

I misjudged how difficult it would be. I went into the Hampton Court maze with Melanie Phillips. And she made me look stupid by easily beating me to the centre ground while I got lost. I was floundering in the rain without a brolly, having forgotten that the primary purpose of an umbrella is to keep people dry.

I thought afterwards about the route I should have taken and am now kicking myself. Which saves someone else doing it I suppose. But honestly, to let a crazed bigot like Mad Mel show me up as a literally misguided fool indicates what a disgraceful advocate of gamps I have become during the post-Knighthood media frenzy.

And as I got stuck I'm afraid I was starting to bang on the side of the hedge to try and get out. Naughty me. But when I looked at the CCTV footage later I was rather happier with my performance. So that's OK because ultimately satisfying my own vanity is more important than representing my members in a decent fashion.

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