Thursday, 17 February 2011

The ear of the Minister

Never doubt my influence. I have the ear of the minister for the brolly sector, Rick T'Hurd, and have finally got him to admit to a mistake amid all of the recent shafting of the umbrella sector.

On his Twitter account yesterday using his @minforcivsoc guise he mentioned that there would be a Public Gampstration Select Committee enquiry into Bogg Society

Well this is clearly a bloody outrage. Aside from the ridiculousness of looking into something that doesn't exist other than in the deluded minds of Cameron, Lord Gnat Pee and Dom Blond, what the hell did T'Hurd think he was talking about?

I respond immediately asking him whether there will be an inquiry into government ministers who don't know the difference between the words enquiry and inquiry.

And he has acknowledged his error here. At 12.41 in the morning. Can't fault his commitment to working long hours at least.

Feel my power.

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