Saturday, 1 May 2010


I am not sure any of us were thinking of how our policy proposals and arse licking would play out in the event of a wrung parliament (one where all of the MPs try to dry there suits out in the chamber after getting caught in a shower without a brolly). A bit like not practicing penalties before the World Cup.

A parliament where no one party has overall control is the last thing anyone wants, especially the parties themselves who have been trying to scare us into thinking coalition politics doesn't work.

Apart from anything else we would have to employ at least three times as many people as now to ensure we schmoozed all of the people holding the power cards. And Oxford, naturally, only has so many graduates every year from which we can recruit. Especially as most of them are looking for proper jobs.

Anyway all of the brains at BUBB towers are sitting in a darkened room, locked away, thinking of how we should play this. And I will let them out when they come up with the solution.

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