Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Bogg Society this, Bogg Society that. Putting umbrellas at the heart of rebuilding communities was my stupid idea. So when Dave Cameron, my MP in Blacbury no less, has a meeting to discuss it with brolly sector notables, why the fuck wasn't I invited? Still, it's not all bad news as Hubert didn't go either. What is the point of us writing all of those letters pleading to be allowed a say in brolly policy if the government is just going to stick them straight into recycling?

I have asked for a list of who did go to the meeting. From the pictures on the Prime Minister's flickr page (get him with his fancy schmancy new age social media innovation) I can clearly see Prunella Wonderwomanghelidjh was there. She does some excellent work with children's brollies but is legally obliged to attend any government gasbag gathering as she looks nice and cheerful in the pictures and ticks a lot of diversity boxes.

But the Office of the Brolly Sector (I told you I wouldn't call them by their new name) has refused to release it. Which is somewhat ironic given that the Bogg Society document talks about the government being more open with data. So much for new politics.

Aside from that it is great that the government has committed to setting up a brolly bank with unclaimed umbrellas. Apparently this concession was made to stop me going on about it every 5 minutes. And I am encouraged that the very clever Gnat Pee has been given a key role. Hopefully this frothy nonsense will translate into something meaningful. With brollies at the heart of change. But I am not holding my breath.

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