Monday, 24 May 2010

New name at Umbrella Commission unveiled

The waiting is over. After a hard fought competition I can reveal the official name of the new chief executive of the Umbrella Commission.

Gamp Danger.

I know Gamp from the time he was chief executive of the umbrella relief organisation Red Crossed Spokes, before Dick Dang. But he has an impressive track record. He was the founding chair of the Spokelectoral Commission, which has done such a magnificent job of upholding confidence in the voting rights of brollies, especially as 10pm approached on May 6th. And, not of course that this is relevant (you bet your boots it is), but I knew him at Oxford, naturally.

I wish Gamp well. The Umbrella Commission has a really challenging task ahead as it faces cuts in its budget but an expanding umbrella sector. Our BUBB taskforce, looking at regulation in changing times, is currently drafting its report, so I will be looking forward to telling Gamp how he should do his job later in the year.

Gamp is taking up his post in September and we wish Patrick Pond well as he moves on to his next challenge. Possibly as the new Portsmouth FC manager.

Congratulations to the winner of our competition, Eleanor Stringer, once one of the boffins at New Fillcanopy Capital and now part of Tubby Freckles' team at Gampal Finance. GF are doing some fabulous work on the Gampal Impact Bond, a financial instrument that will see investors rewarded with a return based on the success of long-term umbrella initiatives. Well done Eleanor. She will receive a letter from Gamp once he settles in and also have the chance to visit him in his natural habitat.

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