Sunday, 16 May 2010

Will avoid decade/decayed joke as too obvious

I took up my current post at BUBB in September 2000. What a glorious day that was. Pissing down with rain and I made all of the staff parade along Harrow High St with brollies.

Mind you we were a much smaller organisation then. The way we have grown mirrors a craven thirst for power and reach by umbrella bodies generally that is out of step with need to do practical things that actually help their members. The next ten years promises to be tricky as I try and avoid the sack and I am preparing a lecture on how things might be in 2020. By which I mean the form of cricket not the year. Cricket fans are an important demographic for umbrella sales after all.

Leadership is never about one person (it is). This will never just be about Bogg (it will). BUBB is about more than just its CEO (it isn't). It is about assembling a strong team (filling loads of jobs with ex Oxford, naturally, alumni).

We have achieved bloody loads in the last 10 years and claimed a disproportionate amount of credit for plenty more things.

Some people may see this whimisical reflection as preparation for me standing down when my 10 years are complete. My great hero Tony Blair (I heart Tony) stood down after a decade of slowly losing the plot after all. Like him, people may think I am simply trying to write my own legacy before I head off making big bucks as a consultancy whore. Not true, I am in it for the long haul. The trustees will have to drag me kicking and screaming (hopefully into the House of Lords as long as they don't change the system) before I relinquish the hot seat. And believe me I have given them plenty of opportunity to get rid of me over the years.

The rumours that my deputy Hector Rule is putting around about me agreeing to let him take over in September during an infamous meal we had at KFC Islington are also rubbish.

Now that is cleared up I can get on with some envisioning work. By which I mean trying to imagine what sort of party we will have to celebrate my decade in charge. And how will we all look and feel the morning after? Any suggestions welcome.

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