Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Polished T'Hurd

Great start from the new brolly minister. Rick T'Hurd says he wants to make life easier for brollies. And cut red tape and bureaucracy. All very good. So what is the first thing he does? Changes the name of his department from Office for the Brolly Sector to the Office for Gampal Society. Meaning we all have to spend ages updating our files and databases.

And isn't this government supposed to finding ways to make cuts? How much will this rebrand cost? Those signs you put on office doors don't come cheap. And all those forms that we will all have to fill in to reduce bureaucracy, and letterhead, and free pencils to give out at roadshows will all need redoing.

And Rick has also said that he wants to get more resources into the sector to strengthen its independence. Let me run that by you again. Government wants to strengthen the brolly sector's independence by making it reliant on more government generated resources. Genius. Government funded independence.

Of course I suspect that he doesn't actually mean that the government will put its hand into its own increasingly tightening pockets but will seek ways of forcing others to do so. But it amounts to the same thing ultimately.

He then says he wants to make it easier for brolly sector organisations to work with the State. And that he wants umbrellas to be at the heart of the Bogg Society. Which is all about reducing the State's role.

It might just be me but I am bloody confused.

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