Friday, 28 May 2010

Suffering IBS

Was at a speech yesterday given by the new Out of Work and Declining Pensions Secretary Ivan Bunkum Stiff, otherwise known as IBS (cos he is an annoying pain).

As well as some vague assurances about placing brollies at the heart of welfare provision (he will regret saying his door is open when I am continually walking through it and he has to take out a restraining order and find a very good locksmith) he gave the usual line about encouraging people to work and cutting the numbers reliant on beenfits. Which is incredibly helpful at a time when (admittedly not ncessarily through circumstance of their own making) the government will force a load of people out of work as we suffer more cuts than a butcher with hayfever.

Although some people are too lazy to get a job when there are none, I love jobs and quite happily take more than my fair share. I'll do anything. I even have a paper round. And I love benefits as well. The more free lunches the better.

I gave my big speech on Bogg Society today but to be honest I am beginning to bore even myself on this subject now so I will reflect some more and blog later.

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