Saturday, 8 May 2010


?????????????????????????? Crikey. What now eh? One thing is clear - we will have a new Umbrella minister after Veronica Squif lost her seat though her Tory oppo Rick T'Hurd increased his majority. But until Cameron can hoodwink Clegg into supporting him we are in limbo. These power sharing arrangements never work. Hubert and I tried it once. Disaster.

But if Cameron is serious about being open to the possibility of paying lip service to the idea of having an enquiry for establishing a commission to appoint a taskforce to explore electoral reform, than I can help him. This sort of thing has got BUBB written all over it. Even if it's got sod all to do with brollies. Especially if it's got sod all to do with brollies. So Dave, let me chair this and let the launches begin.

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