Wednesday, 28 April 2010


What a day. I have inadvertently been caught up in one of the biggest stories of the election. There I was, innocently chatting with my old mucker Gordon, about East European brollies flocking over here and next thing I know, the PM has been caught on microphone saying "Bogg? What a showman". All hell breaks loose.

He's accused of attacking a 65 (rising to 66 throughout the day) year old bigot, sorry woman, of being a bigot. If you can't call a bigot a bigot then they will have won and will carry on calling a spade a spade.

The media were all over this as if they had their own motives to pounce on Brown. I'd blame Rupert Murdoch if he didn't have my balls in a vice.

We want our politicians to tell the truth but the media then attacks them for doing so.

The whole sorry saga reached its apogee when instead of talking about the World's markets sliding due to Greece (I thank you, I'm here all week) the media were trying to interview my nephew about what Gordon had said. Astonishing. He's busy revising for his Oxford, naturally, entrance exams and doesn't need this distraction. By all means attack the PM for a gaffe and ignore policy but don't distract a Bogg from his attempts to stay in the ruling elite.


  1. Right Rev Bob Tosh29 April 2010 at 14:37

    My Dear Bogg

    I am come hotfoot from cyberspace with news of the latest musings from Hilda Ogden-Newton&Ridley’s.

    The dear lady has apparently had her retail therapy juices wrung dry having had all manner of misfortunes while attempting to purchase a rug. As you can imagine, I needed a milky drink and a lie down to recover from the excitement of reading that one.

    In other news, it seems that the local comp is not good enough for Ogden-Newton&Ridley Minor, (who is, no doubt, both talented and sensitive) and I suspect she may be preparing us all for an agonised missive explaining why she has had to tap up her poor old parents for school fees. However, help may be at hand. If only she can trouser a tidy chunk of her already underfunded LEA’s moolah she and all the other over-anxious middle-classes may be able to set up the Hackney Wick Academy for Distressed Young Gentlefolk (no riff-raff).

    Trebles all round!!

  2. Greetings Tosh

    Thanks for the update. Dear old Hillda (and you mustn't forget the extra "l" - she paid a lot for that as it adds gravitas) having the rug pulled from 'neath her feet.

    I hope she sorts out her education problems - social mobility is even more important than social enterprise.