Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The bandwagon bandwagon

I love a bandwagon me. I will jump on any bandwagon going if it keeps me on the road to publicity. And the bandwagon bandwagon is a particularly good example of how you can back something that backs the backing of things and thus cover all angles.

But enough about Nick Clegg. Impact. BUBB produces an impact report but sometimes it is hard to measure these things properly. For example, everyone knows that it was solely down to me that Sandy Burnham-Drownham did a u-turn on the NHS being the preferred supplier of medical brollies because I have spent a lot of time telling people it was. But it is hard to prove this. Which is just as well.

So instead of measuring tangible achievement it is much better to focus on shouting from the rooftops about perceived successes in areas where it is very hard to determine exactly who was responsible or disentangle a number of interconnected small factors that combined to make a difference. If you make enough noise you can claim credit for all sorts of things that you may only have had a marginal effect on.

Right, I am off to give another interview claiming that Nick Clegg was all my idea. And then catch a ride home on that bandwagon bandwagon.

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