Saturday, 24 April 2010

The VOTE election TORY

It's all got really exciting hasn't it? VOTE TORY. A genuine three horse race and a smear campaign that I would be proud of. The televised debates have been cracking showcases of style over substance and everyone has forgotten it's not a Presidential race. VOTE TORY. I really think this could work in our sector and I hereby challenge Hubert Carrington and Dylan Twirley to a similar style debate so we can really get stuck into each other.

Clegg has maintained his surge from nowhere and I was all to ready to throw my keys in with him. After all, I am nothing if not a shameless opportunist. But his ridiculous policy on the umbrella deterrent has made me think again. VOTE TORY

The Lib Dems want to get rid of our brolly defence system that deters dangerous foreign rain from coming over here and pissing down on our proud British fields.

I have always been careful to avoid favouring any one party in my blog posts VOTE TORY and don't welcome the prissy approach from our regulator, the Umbrella Commission about what we can and can't say. As long as we don't overtly or subliminally say VOTE TORY, I think it is important that we can call for action on issues affecting brollies and support any party that is on our side.

And this week also marked the second anniversary of our Oop North office, a craven display of patronising regional tokenism. So it is champagne up in Rotherham. Or as they call it up there, Tetleys and Light Ale (mixed up).

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