Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool

My head of communications Marina McMoan is a right card. She issued a press release this morning saying that James Purnell was to join BUBB's board. As we know, the gorgeous tax dodging former blue-eyed New Labour poster boy is moving away from politics and Marina revealed that he would receive a nominal sum for advice given to BUBB (that's progressive governance, folks).

She even included a quote from me saying that I had courted James for years. (Not strictly true, at least not according to the Courts. Stalked is their preferred term).

It was a joke following in the long tradition of quality spoofs and was almost believable. Both Canopy Finance and Canopy Times published it as fact. But the really sorry thing is that I myself believed it was true when I saw the press release. I got so excited I, well, I can't really say what I did but rest assured it is all cleaned up now.

So while sadly it is a joke, James, if you do want to join our board, there will always be a seat left open for you. And a fee, whether nominal or whopping, will I am sure be possible to arrange.

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