Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Blair - the revisionist git

Lots of Blair stories around today - anyone would think he had a book to sell.

Seriously, the memoirs of my beloved friend and fellow Oxford, naturally, alumni Tony Blair are out and have caused quite a stir. First of all there was the palaver about him donating the ludicrous advance he got for the opportunity to present a biased justification of his years of public service, to the Royal Brolly Legion (looking after umbrellas which have been injured in line of duty for their country). Now the actual doorstop of bullshit is with us and it is what is missing that is the biggest scandal.

Sure, we have some jaw dropping revelations such as that Blair and Brown didn't get on. Blair admits turning to drink to cope with pricks like Nick Robinson and claims: "Gordon Brown stole my whisky. Then raised tax on booze against my orders".

And also on his fears of becoming a heavy drinker he admits "I was worried Euan would have pinched it all when I fancied a loosener."

And somewhat bizarrely Blair regrets not banning fox hunting in Iraq and introducing Freedom of Misinformation requests as they cost too much time trying to find ways of turning them down.
But the memoirs are very selective. For example there is no mention of Give us a Clue or why he changed his name to George Orwell

And most shockingly there is no mention of what was surely the defining event of his career.

Knowing me!

This is an absolute disgrace and finally shows what a deluded leader Tony really was.

Speaking of which, I was going to pop down to Devon for a few days rest (again). Cornwall is so busy these days. You can't move around little villages without tripping over Prime Ministers seeking inspiration for baby names and wolfing down cream teas.

But the lovely secluded spot in Devon I keep going on about and showing beautiful pictures of has also got rather crammed with tourists. Don't know why.

The same thing has happened with Brockwell Park in Brixton. I have only mentioned that it is London's undiscovered gem 48 times in my blog and now it is mobbed. Someone must be going around letting people in on these hidden secrets, the bastard.


  1. Sir Fruity Metcalfe1 September 2010 at 20:46

    Dear Boy

    Cannot help but notice that Hilllllda Ogden-Newton&Ridleys has become one of your followers. Surely she cannot be mixing you up with that absurd spoofer, Bubb? I believe they may be acquainted...

  2. I am flattered that the delicious poster girl for social enterprise, DIY, Cornwall and upper middle class aspiration is following me.