Sunday, 26 September 2010

My big speech

Finished my 10 year anniversary lecture yesterday morning. The plan was to talk for another 10 years in the hope that it would prevent the trustees being able to sack me. I have found that spouting nonsense as a sort of filibustering tactic has somehow managed to keep me in employment. By firing off fanciful blather in all directions I have been able to confuse so much that the trustees have never been sure exactly on which issue I should be pulled up on. In the end though after 3 days people were starting to get fidgety. And they were keen to get stuck into the canapes. There were complaints that they were too mushroomy and brought on vivid and surreal visions. But my speeches are always like that.

Plus I was keen to get to the Labour conference in Manchester to start a campaign of legal harrassment against God Megagrand, if he was elected Labour leader.

It has always struck me that many people working in the brolly sector have bugger all knowledge of our history. So my speech focused on my version of it so as to fit all of my pet agendas.

Basically, the brolly sector is independent of the State despite state funding and always has been even when it hasn't been. This Independence is cherished. And I know this because brolly sector minister Rick T'Hurd ordered me to say so.

To see the full lecture go here. I'm sure you will find it interesting!


  1. Robin, I've just found another lecture that you apparently co-authored:

  2. Thanks - it was a tricky paper to write. Especially as Hubert kept flaunting his knighthood.