Sunday, 12 September 2010

Burning issues

Well is seems I have really put my immaculately brogued (Oxford, naturally) foot in it over the last few days. Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of a tragic attack on the credibility of BUBB research. NCVO, and their wily leader Sir Hubert Carrington, have always been blamed for this by most people though there are all sorts of conspiracy theories floating around and some claim Dylan Twirley was behind it. The real nut jobs even argue that I instigated the attacks myself as an excuse to start a war with NCVO.

Now, to add insult to injury, plans have been announced to build a brolly sector research centre on the site of the original attack - one that only NCVO researchers led by Earl Scalding will be allowed to use.

Understandably, I am seething about this but all hell broke loose when I announced plans to burn a copy of NCVO's statistics pornography guide, the Gampal Society Almanac, as a protest. Apparently this is just further stoking the tension between BUBB and NCVO so I have relented but at least I have got a load of free publicity out of it so all is good in the end. But I am still not happy about it.


  1. Right Rev Bill Tosh14 September 2010 at 12:45

    Mr Dear Bogg.

    That charming young man, Kevin the Curate, has introduced me to the wonders of twitter. What will they think of next?

    I have been delighted to make the acquaintance of Mrs Stephen Fry spouse of the National Treasure and all round Egghead.

    I have heard tell that MrsStephenBubb may be putting in an appearance on Twitter at some point in the near future. Kevin is twinkling over the keyboard as I write, so if by any chance MrsStephenBubb puts in an appearance, I shall be the first to let you know.

    Best wishes from all us chaps in frocks!

    Go in peace.

    Right Reverend Bill Tosh

  2. I note that Mrs Stephen Bubb has now arrived on Twitter but hasn't had anything to say yet.