Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bogging from Liverpool

The Lib Dem conference was the one I used to get other members of the team to do to get them out from under my feet for a few days. Now CEOs have to go. That is the problem with this Coalition lark - twice as much arse licking and schmoozing. If you can call that a problem. Me? I love it. But poor old Geof Sachell and Fab Jobsworth will have to make do with going to the UKIP conference a couple of weeks ago.

And it has all become so much more professional. They even have airport style security, which irritates the hell out of older liberal delegates who have to strip down to their pants, remove any sharp objects and put all their liquids in a see through bag. At least I think that is what they were doing but it may have been their catheters.

I arrived to chair a fringe event (Sir Hubert is banned from fringe events on account of not having one) on public service brolly reform. Everyone got sloshed but sadly there were no champagne receptions in the evening (bloody austerity can changemakers adequately discuss policy that will affect people's standard of living drastically without expensive fizz to gild the hypocritical lily?)

Still it gave me chance to finish off my Big Speech which I am giving today to celebrate 10 years of somehow clinging onto my job as CEO of BUBB.

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