Friday, 2 July 2010


A busy week spent spilling things on my suit and travelling on the hell hole of the tube. Plenty of using metaphors about sausages and cutting salami and butchery. Lots of meetings with government folk (or should that be meatings?) and generally spreading the word about Bogg Society (I made a speech about it once you know. People still quote from it).

If this government is serious about sorting things out and establishing long term initiatives that will make a difference and put umbrellas at the heart of public service reform then it needs to put its money where its 80s throwback mouth is. Where will all of the capital investment required come from?

Oh, I have an idea. Give me a kazillion pounds (just print some extra if there isn't enough in the Treasury coffers) and reopen Umbrellabuilders. I'll sort it no questions.

Returning to meaty subjects, I am off to Istanbulshit for a break but never fear, the blog will go on. I will still be able to talk Turkey whether you want me to or not. Every good leader deserves a treat. And every good blog reader deserves a rest. But you ain't gonna get one. Expect lots of stuff about architecture, cliches about East meets West culture and food. I hope they have plenty of sausages and salami...I have made myself constantly crave them with my cuts analogies recently.

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