Friday, 9 July 2010

A long and gruelling hunt

It is the story that has gripped the nation. People searching frantically, trying to find the unfindable. Tensions have risen as the media has ratcheted up the suspense. But finally it is over. Yes, I HAVE NOW GOT TONIC WATER!

All thanks to one of gampal enterprise's management gurus, Mick Bang-Bang, who sent me a consignment just to shut me up. It's Aldi home brand so tastes disgusting (I prefer Lidl) but it's better than nothing.

Meanwhile, I did have a bit of a panic over the Raoul Moat story. When I heard that the police were looking for someone who was missing and was dangerous and a risk to the wider public I thought they were on about me and would assume I had done a flit to Turkey.

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