Friday, 2 July 2010

Note to self

Must remember that as well as running around launching and lunching, BUBB does support type stuff for members as well. Can't recall what but I think we're supposed to be a representative body, sort of like a trades union. But it all tends to get put on the back burner as I chase agendas. I'll do a blog post about it sometime just to show I haven't completely forgotten what we exist for. I can also use two isolated examples of bad umbrella governance and extrapolate them so as to be representative of the whole sector. Then I can fit them to my long running drive to get payment for gamp trustees.


  1. Rt Rev Bob Tosh5 July 2010 at 15:04

    Well, young Robin, you may want to show us how to do the support thing, but I have to say that you will have to get up jolly early in the morning to get up before young Ms Newton&Ridleys!

    Her latest epistle is truly awe inspiring. Apparently (whisper it softly) sometimes things go well, and sometimes things go badly. The trouble is, La N&R can't for the life of her work out which is which, and which one will happen first, before the next one does. This conundrum has vexed her so much, she has made a speech about it. Which may or may not have gone down well. Who can tell?

    In these troubled times, one is always drawn back to the words of St Hubbins of Spinal Tap. Quoth He, “There is a very thin line between Clever and Stupid”

    Wise words…

    May the saints preserve us

    Rt Rev Bob Tosh

  2. Tosh

    Good to hear what the fragrant Ms O N-R is up to. She is so social enterprise it hurts. Has she set up a school yet? After all, those three kids won't edcuate themselves. Even though that is probably what will eventually happen.