Monday, 26 July 2010


Some quite disturbing news has emerged that umbrella whistleblowing website, Spokieleaks, has pubished details of atrocities against civilian umbrellas by the US military in its war against the Taligamp. While obviously such shocking information should be brought to our attention, the US government is ignoring the fact it has been caught out being big nasty meanies and is turning its moral ire upon Spokieleaks for apparently endangering national security.

I can't see what all the fuss about. Surely Spokieleaks is simply empowered citizens getting active and taking over State responsibiity for keeping people informed - very Bogg Society.

In a further twist: LEAKING NEWS: Spokieleaks has leaked leaked documents showing its leaks were leaked by leaky US govt to discredit Spokieleaks.

In unrelated LEEKING NEWS: Welsh whistleblowing website, Wikileeks, has revealed a secret 450 year old Cawl recipe. The Welsh Assembly has accused it of endangering national soup security.

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