Monday, 26 July 2010

Putting the big into Big Society

I was delighted to hear that my old friend, the Patron Saint of Greggs, Derek Gherkins is vice-chair of the government's cabinet committee on the Bogg Society (along with my Great Aunt Maude). This is a classic appointment as no one is better suited to these Big initiatives than Derek. It certainly presents a whole new frightening vision about "the State rolling back".

Expect a raft of projects around community volunteers baking pies. Which Derek will then consume.

I also note that in the hoo-ha about Mavis Mavid describing Cameron and Clegg as a Brokeback Coalition (which doesn't even make sense, unless he was referring to them being a couple of cowboys, because they're not gay, are they, or is that what is meant by Nick being Dave's fag?) he also described Bogg Society as "Blairite dressing (which presumably is one that is heavily oil-based). I think to compare something as lacking in substance and taste with a salad condiment gives it far more credit than it deserves.

And Derek was apparently furious. "Dressing? It has nothing at all to do with salads, I can assure everyone of that. Now get on with making those pasties, empowered citizens. We're rolling back, so you can get back rolling. The pastry."

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