Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bloody regulators with their regulating nonsense

Dear oh dear. The Umbrella Commission. I am flattered they read my blog, but they clearly don't get the new media thingummy, as they seem to think that Bogg's Blub is like Holy Shit (um , come to think of it... ).

As I have said before it is merely a device for me to bluster and pose and namedrop and smear people, seemingly without accountability, and should not be taken seriously. Who do the Umbrella Commission think they are? Some sort of regulator?

I get the press report (from the lot behind Canopy Finance who I can never quite bring myself to mention by name) of comments from the Umbrella Commission on a particular blog I penned about BUBB's trade union role. Umbrella law says we are not allowed to be a trade union. I said in my blog we were a trade union. The Commission seem to think bizarrely that just because the chief executive of an organisation that is not allowed to be a trade union says his organisation is a trade union on his widely read blog that this is an issue. What has this particular core aspect of regulation got to do with the regulator? Beside, don't they know I am on holiday trying to relax?

Clearly they can't be bothered with the niceties of actually alerting BUBB before they issue a press release. Don't they know the correct approach to things like this is to plaster a kneejerk reaction across a blog without checking the facts not issue press releases. For example, check out how I demonstrate this here beautifully. If I had bothered to go through the niceties of checking my facts before once again attacking someone on my blog I would have realised that they didn't issue a press release after all. Oh dear.

But I must not complain even if I have just been complaining. Why, it just shows how important it is to keep up with my blog in case I drop any more clangers. What horrors yet to be revealed? But all this draws traffic to what I'm told is the most widely read car crash of a blog in the sector as people love to hear exactly what the merry hell I will come up with next. So I look forward to many more Umbrella Commission investigations though whether it is a great use of their scarce resources to do their job of upholding trust and confidence in the umbrella sector when one of its more well known, influential and gobbiest personalities uses his blog to make comments that contravene umbrella law is another matter.

The tour of Anatolia continues. Saturday I was at the site of the martyrdom of St Pepe the Pissed Apostle. I retrieved a small stone from the ground to bring back for our very own BUBB Pepe, the mighty Pepe Ohdearie, director of the fast growing European leaders network, EuCLUTS. This is not to suggest that we condone being stoned while working at BUBB obviously!

But every good third sector leader needs rest and yesterday was one of pure indulgence and laziness. I read the Beano.

Do you want to see some more holiday snaps? I know everyone always loves looking at other people's vacation photos. I will be organising a slide show of the whole 2,000 when I get back as part of a taskforce I am setting up and chairing to report back on my holiday. I have some good ones of random women's backs or boooootiful pictures of turkey.

I realise you are all having your very own heatwave at home, or to put it another way, it is reasonably hot in July as you would expect. I'm worried about the survival of my vegetables! They won't grow themselves. Oh and I hope Barkles is OK locked up in the shed. He's only got Hector Rule for company who I have secured safely while I am away lest the estimable bastard discovers what "bloodless coup" means or goes round trying to do my job.

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