Monday, 26 July 2010

Classic CEO behaviour

If it wasn't for stories about huge, embarrassing and damaging leaks, the US would soon cease to hold any significance in global news terms.

Still, at least the Spokieleak scandal has deflected attention away from the BP oil well. And we should all look for lessons in leadership from BP's oily supremo, Tiny Blairward. He got a lot of the big calls wrong. What was needed wasn't action to stem the flow but a commission or a taskforce to be launched to make recommendations. Give him some credit though. It seems that he is negotiating a pretty tidy package for his exit, as long as he keeps quiet about any other BP skeletons that may be buried in the Libyan desert - apparently they were concerned that once he started spilling the beans he wouldn't be able to stop.

Any CEO who can bumble along leaving a trail of carnage in his wake and still get handsomely rewarded is a hero in my book. We must get him to speak at our annual conference. Or perhaps invite him to be a BUBB trustee. We'd pay him of couse - expertise like that don't come cheap but it would all be worth it in the interest of good governance.


  1. Bumper pay-off and he can still go back to acting - rock on! He was brilliant in that Brian Clough movie.

  2. "Young man. YOUNG MAN. To miss blocking the oil spill from there you need SHOOTING."

    That Damned United States