Sunday, 11 July 2010

Personal services agenda

I have a suggestion! I have been luxuriating in the glories of the Turkish Gampam, a special luxury bath to "clean your brolly". There is a 700 year old one here in Alyana. I think all BUBB members would benefit from such personal attention. Perhaps I will offer it as a BUBB membership benefit! And clearly it has great public benefit (he adds in case those avid readers of my blog at the Umbrella Commission get the hump again because I suggest that BUBB does something it isn't allowed to do. Jesus don't they realise this is a forum for me to mouth off and make fanciful statements not a repository of truth).

And here's an idea to extend it further. With the coming of personalisation perhaps we will all be able to use our care budgets to get our "gamps polished". Perhaps we could even get some "extras", wink wink.

I think the personal services agenda is just one approach that could offer immense relief. That is why BUBB's commission under Andrew Poke is to report on this issue in November.

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