Thursday, 29 July 2010

Gamping it up, again

I have decided to extend my stay in Ireland with the 14,523 members of the Peat-Bogg family as I have found I can do my job just as effectively, if not more so, by not being in the office. My staff have wholeheartedly supported me in this decision. What a team.

Therefore, in the spirit of Cameron's new National Citizen Service, I will be gamping it up at a music festival this weekend. Let's hope it pisses down.


  1. I hope you find it amusing that the Charity Comm are investigating Acevo after reading some rather unwise words on Bubb's blog about Acevo being a "trade union" for CEOs. His mini-me Peter Kyle was wheeled out to make a spindoctor like statement about Acevo being a membership organisation

  2. See my post dated 13th July for my response to the nosey parkers at the Umbrella Commission