Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bogg Society Day

Yesterday was when Dave launched his Big Vanity Project, his government's Big I Am (soon to be its Big We Aren't Going To So You Will Bloody Well Have To). Again. Yep, Bogg Society was wheeled out for the second time as everyone was so confused by the epic vagueness of it all first time round.

They still are.

I have made my views on this very clear many times. State rolling back as way of achieving cuts by pretending to empower citizens, promised role for umbrellas but against a backdrop of reduced funding etc etc. I would never be so cynical as to point out the neatness of promoting a statutory culture of community led volunteer activism and social enterprise so that people currently paid to perform public services could well end up doing the same roles pro bono in the many hours of spare time they will soon have.

But at least two things are now clear. Firstly, the Bogg Society Bank set up with unclaimed umbrellas that people leave behind on buses, trains etc will definitely go ahead. But the number of gamps it will be able to loan out is only a raindrop in the ocean of what will be required to meet the demand for shelter from being pissed down on from a great height in communities up and down the land.

And secondly, now that we have had a glimpse of exactly just what Dave's Big Ideological Penis Extension looks like, citizens around the UK will now feel empowered to voluntarily join together collectively and actively say "Dave, frankly I think this is load of old cock".


  1. Sir Fruity Metcalfe22 July 2010 at 16:14

    I remember joining The Big Society at the Freshers Fair on my very first day at St Boloc's. Big Soc we called it, and it was for all the chaps who were, well, big.

    You, dear little Robin, were not allowed in. seeing as how you are not big. Au contraire in fact.

    Life is just not fair sometimes.

  2. Robin "Shortarse" Bogg22 July 2010 at 16:39

    Fruity you bastard. You said you would never mention this. You know how it rankles and hurts. You know how it bothers me that I will never comfortably wear Big Socks. And people may think that you are suggesting my whole career is based on some sort of Napoleon complex.

    Now don;t bring it up again