Monday, 14 June 2010

What is an oddblast exactly?

We have heard that the new health secretary, Alex Bedpansley, who is speaking at our annual Health and Social Care Conference in July will be making an important announcement. I can say no more as I don't know what it is but it will be very important and I am not just saying that simply to encourage people to buy tickets like I did with our Tory summit where we promised a big announcement from Osborne which never materialised. But it will be worth going, honest.

Friday was amusing once I had recovered from my hangover. I did something called an oddblast for The Guardian with the charming and erudite Dick Chapel of the School for Gampal Entrepreneurs. We began well when I called him Dick Winkie! And then Rabid Bundle caps it by asking me a question when he refers to me as "Hubert". How we bloody laughed. Me through gritted teeth.

Not sure what an oddblast is exactly, or on which page of Wednesday's Guardian it will be printed, but I hope it wasn't taped as I was expounding my views on Bogg Society with some rather colourful language. I even said Bogg Society was like a long piece of string on which the Tories hang lots of rhetorical bollocks!

A pleasant day ahead. Hang on, who I am kidding? I am having lunch with Hubert and Dylan. No doubt if NCVO and NAVCA merge Dylan Twirley will try and claim half of Hubert's knighthood for himself.

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  1. Sir Fruity Metcalfe15 June 2010 at 18:32

    Dear Boggers

    Do hope lunch with Hubert was utterly the most utter thing. Did he have the Sirloin? He really is the most witty cove...

    Just thought I should update you on the latest meanderings of Ms Hillda Ogden Newton&Ridleys. Apparently she had to go to a posh do (at somewhere called Pizza Hut, whatever that may be) dressed up in something called a backless bra. I have absolutely no idea to what she is referring, as the last time I saw a lady's undergarment it was when I peeked a look at dear old Nanny MacFang's whalebone support apparatus. Put me off for life, I can tell you old boy.

    Anyway, she is still spitting feathers about not being able to afford to send her little darlings to private school, and is clearly in an advanced state of planning for setting up the Sharp Elbows Academy for the Sensitive and Gifted (No Riff-Raff). It is Eton on the rates - and jolly good luck to her. Fingers crossed that the Great Unwashed won't want to get involved, eh Hillda?

    La O-N&R is also labouring under the rather sweet misapprehension that this government could give a fiddlers arse about whatever it is that she does, and is actually not going to slash her budget and leave her high and dry.


    Anyway, the First Tee is calling, and I must away.

    p.s. I am sure that your luck will change on the gong front - I bet you can almost taste that British Empire Medal, eh, old boy?

    Yours ever