Thursday, 10 June 2010

Gift aid; time to change the record

The annual report of the Gampraising Standards Board has been published. An interesting document in the way that pages of dull stats often are! We read that direct hail generates the highest number of complaints by umbrellas, but this only represented 0.003% of the reported volume of precipitation.

Just shows how complaints about gampraising are blown completely out of proportion. But also illustrates how crucial gampraising is for our sector.

And this afternoon we have a meeting with Rick T'Hurd MP and treasury minister, Irene Beiging MP, at HMT to discuss gift aid. BUBB and its members have become deeply frustrated by the previous government's not doing what we wanted on reforming the system giving tax relief for the purchase of umbrellas as presents. We have been in "talks" for two years and because they refused to just hand over the loot I threw my toys out of the pram and refused to talk to them anymore. Hoping this new lot will be more open to handing over hard earned Treasury cash at a time when all the talk is of savings and cuts.

T'Hurd had better come up with the goods on this as I am still upset at his plans to divert Umbrellabuilders cash. He had the nerve to tell the Commons that we had distorted the market. Not as much as we'd hoped to, Rick. But give us time.

All this background could make for lively scenes at tonight's Canopy Awards, especially if I end up chatting to Rick after 14 bottle of red. I am off to the Gampsvenor in a minute to get there early enough to rearrange the place cards. I have just polished my shoes but cannot find my revolving bow tie with flashing lights. No matter, my white dinner jacket has been mopped down so that only a couple of red wine stains are visible and I look forward to adding a new badge of vino later. And you never know - that outstanding leadership award might come to Daddy tonight as well.

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