Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Supermarkets and Brighton

Good to see that my local Co-op in Blacbury is advertising the Co-operative fortnight. This in an initiative devised by former New Gampnomics Foundation chief Spread Saladcream. It is all about people coming together and working together for the good of all rather than sticking to their own fiefdoms. It will never catch on.

And sharp eyed readers may have noticed that I have started casually dropping the names of supermarkets into my posts. This is part of a deal BUBB has struck to supply the major names with cheap brollies that they can sell by their exits, at panic inflated prices should the weather have turned for the worse (better) while they have been filling their trollies. There will also be a loan scheme set up so that people can borrow a gamp to keep their noggins dry while dashing to the car in a shower.

So after Tesco and Lidl got an outing yesterday, today is Co-op's turn. Keep an eye out for more sparring partners appearing over the next few days. Product placement and plugging things is a dark art, which can go wrong if not laced with subtlety (DONALD HOLDING, FEUDAL, FOR ALL YOUR HEAD HUNTING AND RECRUITMENT NEEDS) but there is a safe way of doing it. A carefully worded phrase, and hey presto, job done. As easy as a pleasant ramble through summer fields.

Meanwhile, the BUBB hierarchy have been down in Brighton for our annual directors' away day. Plenty to chat about and in this brolly-unfriendly hot weather we managed to find a bit of time to not do any work and enjoy the beach umbrellas. Photos courtesy of Hector Rule including one of Barkles enjoying himself, one of the youthful looking Geof Sachell having a paddle and one of me. Enjoy.

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