Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Influencing on St All Bran's Day

Appropriate that the feast day of St All Bran was used for a Budget where many people feel they have been shat on from a great height, and will continue to be so. Regularly. From a government lacking in moral fibre.

Osborne has called it a "progressive budget". Well, yes, in that it got progressively worse as he droned on.

I had a meeting with Agatha Snide of DWP today. Agatha was the founding director of the Centre for Social Injustice and is now a special adviser to IBS. She failed to become an MP at the general election but luckily has managed to get into government through the back door.

According to one newspaper prior to the election, she reportedly has some "interesting views" on how gayness can be cured, presumably by which it meant that some people will have a lot less to smile about under the Tories. But she gave me no cause to suggest she has a downer on joyful folk. She also denied that when the David Laws scandal broke, Cameron sent Laws along to see her "for a chat".

This evening sees BUBB's any excuse for yet another official reception, this time for new MPs with Rick T'Hurd MP and me acting as hosts. But the highlight of the day will be dinner with the ubiquitous Dom Blond, who is all over the background to the new government's ideology like a bad suit. And he is still trying to take credit for my Bogg Society idea. Mind you, given what they are likely to do with it, him and Gnat Pee can have it. I don't want to get the blame when it is exposed as a sham as it undoubtedly will be.


  1. Sir Fruity Metcalfe24 June 2010 at 14:28

    My Dear Dame Robin

    Am come hot-foot from a breakfast brainstorm with your spoofer, Stephen B.

    With all this budget malarkey going on, we decided that there was no future in trying to squeeze out any more spondoolicks from that desiccated little bugger Osborne, and have instead decided on an entirely new approach.

    Forget CapacityBuilders. Say farewell to FutureBuilders. Our brilliant new idea is…CharacterBuilders!

    The basic idea is that there will be absolutely no money, but everybody involved will get up at 5.30 a.m., take a cold shower, then go for a 10 mile run across the hills. By breakfast time we will be all so knackered that we won’t care any more, and then the government will have their evil way with us!

    I think it is a doozy, but then, I am rather heavily medicated at the moment…

    Yours ever


    p.s. Is it just me, or were the Bubbster and Ronnie Corbett separated at birth? Just a thought…

  2. CharacterBuilders is the basic idea behind Bog Society.

    And nothing builds character like a bottle of bog whisky.

    Good medication that bottle, but only for the sick.

    And you should see them sick conservationists after a long night of liberal talk.