Saturday, 19 June 2010

Egon Spoon

Last week, Chris Huhne's disastrous performance on Question Time, where he seemed to be another Lib Dem stooge delivering bad news on behalf of his Tory masters, led people to question whether he was now the most disliked politician whose name is pronounced Hoon since Geoff Hoon.

And today's news about his infidelity will not have helped. Shockingly, it seems that the energy and climate change secretary has admitted to having an affair with Tory environmental policy and flirting with a u-turn on nuclear power. However, he has claimed that he was merely exploring alternative sources of energy.

Interestingly, his new squeeze has now said that she has quit her job working in PR for one in AV.

With such a high profile he could be just the sort of politician BUBB needs to get close to, and perhaps ask to speak at one of the 15,628 events we have planned for the next month. We could say he was going to make a special announcement about his personal life as a way of shifting tickets. Of course he would need a new name. Egon Spoon sound OK?

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