Monday, 21 June 2010

Sorting stuff

Blimey, last week was so busy I am still living it and haven't had time to devote chunks of the working day to blogging about the things I would be doing if I wasn't blogging.

First off, Hubert, Dylan Twirley and I saved the brolly sector's allocation of loot from the Lottery distributors following a meeting with some jumped up pen-pusher, Jim Birose. Despite all the jibes about how we don't work together (started largely because we don't) we can provide a united front when the chips are down, although you'll hear a different interpretation from the other two who always get things wrong.

We looked pretty menacing with our hoodies and baseball bats and Birose conceded everything we wanted just to avoid a pasting. Hubert also threatened to dazzle him with his gong while Twirley got all confused about his ideological position should we get put in prison for harassment.

Then I had 72 straight hours of meetings. And no lunch. My PA had forgotten to make me any fish paste sandwiches so I had to do what other people do everyday and find a shop that sells food. Which is no small task in London.

We had our annual summit where we found out that 55 per cent of umbrella CEOs are breezily naive about future levels of rainfall.

I took some grainy pictures.

I dealt with a flurry of spam emails from some religious chap.

And some of my philosophical gold about Bogg Society was read out in the House of Lords. Which is as close as I am going to get to that peerage I suppose.

Then on Friday I found out that BUBB was hosting its future leaders summit. Or to give it it's correct name, failed coup d'etat. Behind my back Hector Rule and Fab Jobsworth organised an event to try and undermine my own leadership of BUBB. They even had the cheek to launch a new BUBB publication, unvetted by me called: "How to become a brolly sector CEO even if you are not lucky enough to be headhunted by Donald Holding". The cheeky scamps. No pocket money for them this week.

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