Friday, 11 June 2010


I feel dreadful. I woke up in a broom cupboard this morning in the Gampsvenor Hotel with a head like a bag of hammers. What a great night at the Canopy Awards, even though I didn't win anything. The outstanding leadership gong is being kept warm for me this year by the charming former umbrella commissioner and chief executive of the Jason Gumtree Foundation, Brolia Winwin. She deserved the award alone for keping her acceptance speech short.

The overall canopy winner was Community Service Gampteers for its splendid initiative protecting children's brollies. A fitting honour for its departing chief executive, Dame AlwaysUsesABrollyToKeepHerHairDryAsHerCoatIsHoodless. And the overall canape award was won by a prawn vol au vent from one of BUBB's many launch parties over the past year.

The only sour note was a mindless comment from one of the celebrity award presenters. Lanky beanpole Campari swigging faux-cockney actress Lorraine Chase said she couldn't wear a black dress without looking like a rolled up umbrella. As if that is a bad thing! Get back to Luton airport, treacle.

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