Monday, 8 March 2010

Unmasking my spoofer part 3

Regular sufferers of this blog will know that I thought I had cracked the identity of my spoof blogger Stephen Bubb. I was sure I had him pinned down as an Australian cricketing lawyer. But some new evidence has cast doubt on this theory. Obviously, anyone pretending to be me would need to think he was some sort of God, or least his agent on Earth, and go round preaching and sermonising bollocks in an evangelical fashion. So it's no surprise to learn of the presence of this Steve Bubb in the States. I am sure it must be him.


  1. Marvin Chevrolet8 March 2010 at 20:52

    I know that dude man!

    He used to run vodka and lawnmowers out of Miami till he got busted by the Feds. I bought a couple of shetland ponies from him - turned out they weren’t ponies at all, just really big dogs. Last I heard he had cornered the market in forced rhubarb in Seattle – guess that must have all gone all tits up so he has moved into the fake minister scam…

    He’s not a bad guy – just don’t ever mention Vera Lynn to him – for some reason he hates the woman.

    Stay cool brother…

  2. You mean there are people out there who presume to speak to the masses in the name of good yet have no authority to do so? That's my job.