Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Still cool

We're so cool that fashion follows us. BUBB is the new black. We're so cool that it literally hurts. If we were any cooler we'd be cut into cubes and served in cold drinks. We'd set up a Cool Commission if we weren't too god damned cool to bother.

Today I will mostly be chilling on the patio with my work crew posse, preparing for the Tory Summit #torybubbshit

We're so cool that we never ever mention it.


  1. any cooler and you might need to trade you brollies in for parkas and mittens!

  2. Right Rev Bob Tosh17 March 2010 at 15:21

    Dear Sir Robin.

    More news from the cyderspace world of Hilda Ogden-Newton&Ridleys...

    Apparently, the dear lady has worked out, by extrapolating from a scientific sample of one, that there are actually more Social Enterprises in this Sceptered Isle than there are atoms in the known universe. And that therefore the taxpayer should trouser up large amounts of wonga to keep the whole circus going for a few more years.


    Clearly this burst of mathematical activity brought on a touch of the vapours, and I am pleased to report that the rest of her epistle is much more soothing, devoted as it is to very exciting news of a major re-working of the downstairs lav chez Ogden-Newton&Ridleys, involving a fresh lick of paint and a strategic repositioning of the bogroll holder.

    I am frankly moist with excitement to find out what happens next…

  3. Bogg Roll Holder?